Paul Messis - Garage Punk Unknown

The Market Squares

During the Summer of 2012, I headed over to Nashville on a holiday, visiting friends, record shopping, having a rest from the 9 to 5 existence which is my life in the UK.

I also visited Calvin Laporte and Evan Smith from Nashville psych-band The Sufis, to hang out and record a couple of songs on a whim with them at the home-studio.

What happened during that visit in August was, we recorded a couple of pretty interesting psychedlic-punk cuts, 'Afternoon Tide' and 'Inside My Mind'.


Spurred on by the idea of working with Calvin and Evan, it gave me the ambition to put the music we made together out and to eventually release it on a 45 and thus 'Market Square Records' and subsequently 'The Market Squares ' were born.

I came up with the name 'Market Square Records' as it sounded pretty cool to me, not too mention the village whereI live is essentially between two market towns - Petworth and Horsham, both of which have a street called 'Market Square', with this in mind, I thought it was ideal to call the group 'The Market Squares' as the name works on many different levels both in a British and American context, also I liked the fact a few garage bands in the 60s, started vanity labels based around their band's name eg The Foamy Brine with their 'Brine Label' and The Plagues with their 'Quarantine Label' amongst countless other.

Both songs were written by myself, one of the songs was written an hour or so before we even hit play and record.

Calvin mixed the tracks after I left Tennessee, they were mastered by John Baldwin who is also based in Nashville and the songs are now complete and sound pretty far-out.

I will be releasing the single on February 4th 2013 and will be selling copies via my bandcamp site (see shop page here for links there) and I'll be selling via other outlets but I am trying to do this all off my own back.

The single will be limited to 300 copies each, as will any further releases on 'Market Square'


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