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The Higher State

In the Autumn of 2011, I joined The Higher State and replaced a long success of bass-related issues which seemed to plague the group from it's incarnation in 2004, it was and has been somewhat like Spinal Tap with regards to the bass players coming in and out of the group and when they asked me if I'd be up for helping out and then eventually join the group I jumped at the opportunity to get back playing with a live group on the proviso that i'd hopefully not be the bass player to spontaniously combust!!!!

If you know "my" sounds but are unaware of The Higher State please visit 'The Higher State fan page' on facebook page which you can click via my links section.

Below are a few picture of myself with the group.

current line-up of group include -

Marty - 6 & 12 string Guitars, Vocals
Me - Bass Guitar, 6 & 12 String Guitars

A discography of the band's releases can be found beneath.




2007 - And In Time b/w If We Don't Realise THS-001 State Records
2008 - Automatic Motion b/w Trip On High 13OC-002 13 O'Clock Records
2010 - Song Of The Autumn b/w Precious Rings and Stones 130C-005 13 O'Clock Records
2011 - I'll Always Be Around b/w Transparent Day GH-252 Get Hip Recordings
2012 - I Just Pretend b/w Ain't It Hard 130C-14 13 O'Clock Records ***
2013 - Potentially (Everyone Is Your Enemy) b/w All Ties That Bind THS - 010 State Records ***
2015 - (Consider It) a Debt Repaid b/w In A World That Just Don't Care 130OC-020 13 O'Clock Records ***
2017 - Your Casting Doubt b/w X-Ray Day MSR-017 Market Square Records ***

ALBUMS (both on LP and CD)

2006 - From Round Here (Teen Sound/Misty Lane)
2009 - Darker By The Day (13 O'Clock Records)
2011 - Freakout at The Gallery (13 O'Clock Records)
2013 - The Higher State (13 O'Clock Records) ***
2016 - Volume 27 ***


2007 - 7 & 7 is (3 - track CD-R extended player)
2008 - 'Texas Special' (3 - track CD-R extended player)
2012 - 'Live At Sandgate Sound Studios (4 - track plus 3 radio advertisments CD-R extended player) ***
2013 - 'Don't Run & Hide' Hollies cover to be featured on Fruits De Mer LP and 7" Hollies cover album. ***
2014 - 'Nothing You Can Say' re-working of older song for the Garageville festival 10" vinyl release ***
2014 - 7 & 7 singles boxset released by Fruits De Mer, we recorded two 13th Floor Elevators tracks ***

2008 - Automatic Motion / You Can Forget About That (Promotional Video DVD-R )

Also available is an assortment of Higher State badges and t-shirts.

Below, is The 'State' in action before I joined, here they are playing Automatic Motion, with Mick Warren on Drums and Mark Hislop on bass.

where *** is indicated above, means I play on those releases.


Higher State sleeve

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