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State Records and Sandgate Sound Studios Facebook page.

Keep up-to-date with all things relative to State Records, including information on latest releases, recordings and general misfit behaviour.

My American Label 13O' Clock Records based in Austin, Texas.

Website features all information on new releases, tour dates, recordings amongst other things.

Possibly the best independant garage label in the world including such cool bands as myself, The Higher State, The Flight Reaction, Os Haxinins and Static Static... with more to come.

Transparent Radiation Blogspot

My blog where I write about my favourite music, art, literature etc

Started in June 2011.

SADLY LEFT DORMANT DUE TO BEING TOO BUSY AND TOO TIRED FROM THE 9 TO 5... there are some interesting things still there though.

M-Brooks Emporium

This link is to the ebay store where mine and other State records releases are available to purchase.

Official Website for my State records label mate Glenn Prangnell and his latest musical project Groovy Uncle and Suzi Chuck.

Glenn is also a film maker and has helped me make the promo videos for my third 45rpm single 'Time Will Tell' and 'The Problem With Me. Glenn has done many videos for himself and other bands which can all be viewed on Youtube.

The Higher State Fan Page on Facebook

The Higher State formed in 2004 and continuing to write and perform fantastic songs.

This is another group I play in and write songs for, I joined the group in Autumn 2011.

Flower Bomb Songs Blog!

A very supportive blogspot site by Colin Mason, which has helped me tremendously, by letting the world know about my 45's.

The site is a fantastic reference point for really cool unknown music (aswell as some which is known)

check it out!

Rock Around The Blog

Another really supportive music blog online, Rock Around the Blog has been helpful in spreading my music to people in Portugal and Spain.

A great source for all things current on the 60s revival scene musically.

Francisco who writes the blog has helped very much.

A cool website for music geeks!

On all of my recordings I have pretty much played a 1964 Futurama
De Luxe 2 guitar.

The website linked here is just a comprehensive view of the Futurama guitar range which were produced from the late 50s through to mid-60s.

I like how the heading states 'The World's Most Advanced Guitar'??

Most certainly not... but it is a pretty damn cool guitar and I really like the sounds it makes for me.

The Garage Punk Hideout

A good web resource for all things current and old relating to the garage scene. There are various forums and plenty of info.

Whole Lotta Shakin' Radio Show (WRUR-FM 88.5)

Whole Lotta Shakin' has been a radio show which from the very start has been highly supportive of my music and very helpful in bringing my name as a musician to many people on the East Coast of America

Mike Murray is the man responsible for this and a huge thank you goes his way from me.

The Fallen Leaves Official Website

I played Bass in this band during 2006 and left in February 2007.

The Fallen Leaves formed in 2004 by Rob Green and Rob Symmons who was the guitar player in the original line up of the greatly influencial and seminal punk band 'The Subway Sect'.

Check Them out!!

The Official 'State Records' Website

Everything you need to know about State Records and Sandgate Sound Studios.

All Info on bands on the label to be found here!!!

The Sufis Facebook

The Sufis are a great psychedelic group from Nashville, TN.

they also make up two thirds of my side-project, The Market Squares which also features both Calvin and Evan from the group.

Please feel free to check out The Sufis as well as The Market Squares.

see also

WFMU are my biggest supporters in regards to radio airplay.

Big thanks to the all Disc-Jockey's who have spun my records particularly Bill Kelly with his 'Teenage Wasteland' Show.

I would also suggest you go and check out bands which are on the same labels as me and those who have had some involvement at The Sandgate Sound Studio, my own label or 13O'Clock.

You can find these bands via Facebook or even their own websites, I would suggest checking them all out if you can, because they are all great.

Bands on or associated with State Records & Sandgate Sound Studio.

Me (Billingshurst, West Sussex)
The Higher State (Sandgate, Kent)
Groovy Uncle (Chatham, Kent)
The Hidden Masters (Glasgow, Scotland)
The Lykes of Yew (Folkestone, Kent)
The Offhooks (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Bernard Eveleigh (Folkestone, Kent)
Internationale (Folkestone, Kent)
Phenomenal Cat (Folkestone, Kent)
The Wildkat Tamers (Maidstone, Kent)
Sleeping Bear (Folkestone, Kent)
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell (Hastings, East Sussex)
Suzi Chunk (Cardiff, Wales)
The Kumari (London, UK)
The Prophets Of Saturn (Leicester, Leicestershire)
Bronco Bullfrog (All Over The Place, UK)
Galileo Seven (Medway, Kent)
Nancy's Place (Folkestone, Kent)
Seagent's Mess (Medway, Kent)
The Baron Four (Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk)
The Beatpack (London and The South Coast)
Graham Day and The Forefathers (Medway, Kent)
The Thanes (Edinburgh, Scotland)
The Youth (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Les GrisGris (France)

Label mates on 13O' Clock Records (Austin, Texas, USA)

Static Static (Los Angeles, California)
The Flight Reaction (Stockholm, Sweden)
Os Haxinins (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Arsene Obscene (Nice, France)
Saffron Sect (Toronto, Canada)

Market Square Groups

The Young Sinclairs (Roanoke, Virginia)
The Space Agency (Hove, East Sussex)
Michael Lynch (Mineola, New York)

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