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Paul Messis is a singer-songwriter based in West Sussex UK.

He has been recording and releasing material under his own name since 2008 and currently has records out on three great record labels - State Records ,13 O' Clock Records and most recently his own label Market Square Records.

Paul records his tracks at Sandgate Sound Studios, in the idyllic seaside village of Sandgate, Kent.

Paul plays an authentic style of 60s garage music, incorparating elements from the Michigan Teen-Scene, New England Teen-Scene and also the West Coast Folk-rock and Psychedelic 65-67 period, this triad of 60s regional sounds within the "garage" idiom is Messis' base work and musical vibe - If you're familiar with the above "sounds" then you will surely dig his music.

The rain of the English South Coast is also a huge influence too, the beach and sea also, but not like some cliched fable of blue skies and golden sands - we're talking about drift wood, desolation. and constant grey ridden skies here, y'know?

Songs about the woes of being an angry young man, living in a very dull and mediocre 21st century UK which is continuously going down the toilet day-by- day.

Messis writes songs dead set against a cultural backdrop of dub-step, hip hop and wimpy indie led drivel, his main weapons against these musical crimes are, melody and harmony, emotion, angst and rage. Paul's songwriting aims to combat this maddening dilution of the senses by writing songs which deal with real-to-life themes such as unrequited love, anger at society, rejection, dissilusionment, depression, isolation and outcastment, drawing from his own life experiences he shares this with you the listener.

Messis' music is beneath the so-called "underground" music scene, so if you want to dig that little bit further past all the dead carcass and mud, you may indeed find you've struck some pure oil... it's black and dark down there but it's good all the same.... regardless of your opinion, Paul has written a large body of consistently good music and has maintained his integrity whilst doing it.

Paul doesn't CARE for much accolade, he just asks you to give the music a try cos you may dig it.


Take a look through this website and try to enjoy what you see and hear, you MAY just like it.

He is also the only musician today NOT to be featured in the Guardian Newspaper's 'New Band Of The Day' feature.... so with that in mind... enjoy!!

Since 2011, Paul has also played in the garage band The Higher State and in 2014 also formed The Suburban Homes which have become quite popular on the international punk scene for their great DIY style punk rock.


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